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Committed to preserving and promoting community banks,their franchise values and the communities they serve...

Associate Members

ACB associate members provide numerous products and services specifically designed for community banks. Through their annual dues, involvement in educational programs and conference sponsorships, our associate members are an integral part of the Association. Our associate members are largely responsible for allowing the ACB to continue our mission of ensuring the success and continued development of community banking in Arkansas.

Due to the support of these companies, we strongly encourage our bank members to look here first when considering purchasing or using a new bank-related product or service. For more information contact Chris Padgett at the ACB office, 501-246-4975.

Become an Associate Member

Your technology needs are critical to your bank.  Allied’s approach is simple.  We implement a set of best practices that help you run your organization more efficiently while reducing risk.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Allied is consistently ranked as one of the top service providers in the country.

Allied is redefining IT Professional Services.  Schedule an executive meeting with us today!

Brad Cicero – 501-372-4909

BHG has been lending for nearly 20 years and is the #1 source for medical and professional loans across the country.

Having underwritten over $25 billion in loans, we have gained unmatched insight into these borrowers. Today, more than 1,100 banks have partnered with BHG to buy these high-quality loans through our online loan hub. With record availability, outstanding performance and 4 - 6.5% return, now is the time to join the BHG Bank Network. Learn more.

Courtney Calderwood

                                MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE  *  MINIMIZE RISK

Bank Strategic Solutions is dedicated to assisting bank management and board members to improve efficiencies across all lines of business to grow the net income while meeting regulatory guidelines.  We focus on managing risk so you can focus on maximizing profits.

Strategic Risk & Planning  *  Credit Risk  *  Operational Risk & IT Management  *  Compliance  *  ALLL/CECL  *  Interest Rate Risk – Asset Liability Management  *  Training

Amy Pierce - 800-281-9980

At Celerit, we work effectively for your business, reflecting your business goals, helping you reach your full potential. Since our founding in 1985, we’ve been building our knowledge base and nationwide network of resources that know IT, banking, and results.  We mine the expertise of a meticulously assembled team of professionals and accelerate your business.

Although our industry is complex, our guiding principles remain rather simple – take care of our customers and take care of our staff.

Ron Harmon  – 501-312-2900

Unlock Your Financial Institution’s Potential Top-notch Courses from Center for Financial Training!

CFT is your go-to for comprehensive banking courses and programs tailored for entry-level to management professionals.

What sets us apart? 

  • Online or Guided Self-Study: Flexibility is key, and we've got you covered with both online and guided self-study options to suit your learning style and schedule.
  • Affordable Excellence: Quality education shouldn't break the bank! Our reasonable pricing ensures access to top-notch programs without the hefty price tag.
  • Dive into our Website! Want to explore all our exciting programs? Just click on our logo to dive into our website to see all of our offerings and get started on your path to success.

Your banking career is just a click away from soaring to new heights. Visit our website today and embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and endless possibilities.

Marta Carey  –  800-795-5242

Data Driven Partners understands the importance of relationships in driving economic growth in our communities. That is why we developed Lending Leads, a one-of-a-kind relationship-based prospecting tool that helps commercial and residential lenders seize lending opportunities. Lending Leads is a cloud-based solution that offers actionable data for strategic prospecting, competitive intelligence, and CRA efforts.

Mallory Van Dover 501.912.1800
Jennifer Carlisle  - 

Founded in 1993, DD&F Consulting Group provides consulting services to the community banking industry, helping clients achieve growth (M&A), performance (bank operations) and security (risk management). DD&F was ranked #1 in the nation for branch sales in 2021 by S&P Global.      

                                                                                         How do you stack up?
Our quarterly reports dive deep into your bank's data, provide actionable insights and compare
you to peer banks. As you look to the future, we help you see the path more clearly. The best part? The first one's on us.

Randy Dennis  -  501-374-2600

Federal Protection is trusted as the Financial Industry Security Specialists. Serving since 1969 Federal is a proven innovator in security, bank equipment, and ATM/ITMs. Today, we offer the latest solutions for branch development, ATMs, ITMs, and physical & electronic security. With over 280 security specialists, Federal Protection is the largest security provider of its type in the Central United States. With an in-house 24/7/365 Federal Response Center Monitoring Stations, as well as Federal Construction, Inc. specializing in financial construction; Federal is truly a turn-key solution.

Eric Hoover  -  501-547-7193

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, is a cooperatively owned wholesale bank that supports housing and economic development in the communities served by our member institutions in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Texas. Our credit products and other financial services help members deliver financial products to fund housing, small business, rural development and agriculture. Specialized community investment and affordable housing loan and grant programs help finance community redevelopment and expand affordable housing opportunities.

Lenwood Brooks  –  214-441-8820

A Trusted Partner to Community Banks in Arkansas

Our focus remains fixed on being a trusted partner to community banks – not a competitor. In fact, our charter prohibits us from dealing with the general public so we will never become a competitor to the banks we serve.  Our goal is to ensure that you have the resources you need to focus on your customers and grow your business.

Herbert Thomas  –  800-737-0535

Financial institutions across the country depend on FORVIS as their CPA and advisory firm of choice. FORVIS National Financial Services Group offers the experience and commitment needed to help enhance your institution’s performance.   Regulatory compliance, including Dodd-Frank requirements; Internal audit services; Loan review services; Tax services; Enterprise risk management; SEC reporting; Profitability enhancement; IT risk assessment; Strategic planning; Merger and acquisition services.

Ryan Underwood  –  501-372-1040

Gerrish Smith Tuck Consultants and Attorneys is the nation’s preeminent consulting and legal firm for community banks, thrifts, and their respective holding companies that focuses exclusively on community bank corporate and regulatory issues.  The firm’s attorneys and consultants are experienced in assisting investor groups and community bank clients in organizing new banks, offering bank regulatory guidance and examination preparation, and assisting troubled or problem banks in negotiating, contesting, and complying with regulatory enforcement actions.  A full list of services provided by Gerrish Smith Tuck can be found here.

Philip Smith  –  901-767-0900

Harbour Resources helps organizations improve bottom line performance by delivering excellence in leadership and personal growth programs and training.  Through our self-awareness and development assessments, coaching and onsite or virtual training, we are experts in developing your most critical asset...your people.

Talk to us about helping you implement a Quit Losing Talent Culture. Tune in to our weekly Leadership Podcast

Mike Harbour  - 501.503.1149

IL Group is a unique insurance agency. In addition to being your agent, we act as consultants, helping reduce risk and improve efficiencies in your insurance operations. Insurance products offered: lender placed hazard insurance; lender placed flood insurance; REO insurance; blanket insurance; flood determination and insurance outsourcing. Services provided: insurance operations improvement; services platform integration consulting.

 Angelo Adams  –  251-405-2606

JMARK’S Financial Services Team has the specialized expertise to support your strategy while helping reduce your exposure, with custom solutions built for your business:   Short- and long-term technology  planning; Regulatory compliance programs; Audit prep and support; Security planning, monitoring, and response; Business continuity; Backup management;Disaster recovery.

With our team of specialists managing your technology, you’ll be able to deploy more resources toward serving your customers. Meanwhile, we’ll handle all the other aspects of your IT systems and protocols for you and your personnel: Documentation services; Help desk; Application support; Patch management; Server management; IT vendor management and coordination.

Todd Nielson  –  417.875.8375

Empowering Growth and Ensuring Security: How Kalmer Solutions Transforms IT Management

Delivering Expert IT Strategy, Scalable Solutions, and Unmatched Network Protection for Expanding Businesses 

Kalmer Solutions is more than just an IT service provider; we're your partner in achieving technological excellence. Specializing in the banking industry, our expertise includes Cyber Risk Management, Cloud Solutions, Business Continuity, IT Talent Staffing, Strategic Advisory, Compliance Support, and Technology Upgrades. We're dedicated to ensuring your community bank not only survives but thrives in the digital era.

Why choose us? Because we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the banking sector. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart, making us the trusted ally for banks aiming for the top. 

Empower Your Bank Today! Join us, and together let's navigate the complexities of technology. Elevate your bank's operations, secure your data, and enhance your customer experience with Kalmer Solutions. Your journey towards a brighter, more secure future starts here. Let's make a difference together. 

Hayden McClain870.819.4136, mobile: 731.694.5389

     Modern Banking Systems is a leading provider of real-time core banking processing solutions.

Essentia, our core banking software delivers profitability, efficiency, and security. Essentia is continually evolving with customer-driven enhancements, innovative technology solutions, and strict                                                       regulatory compliance.

We offer Service Bureau (outsourced), Hosted, and In-house data processing alternatives along with a host of managed services such as payment processing, mobile and Internet solutions, full IT security, real-time teller platform, customized reporting, item and document imaging, and equipment hosting services.

We’ve been in the banking business for over 50 years and we've built a strong reputation as a trusted partner delivering solutions that help keep you strong and ahead of the competition.

Mike Corbin  -  210-978-4621


NFP, an industry leading insurance broker with 1,250 BOLI clients, is uniquely qualified to help banks achieve their key financial goals, manage benefit liabilities, and enhance shareholder value through market-leading knowledge, tailored executive benefit plan design, bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) expertise, and BOLI administration solutions. Visit for more information.

Trey Deupree  -  469-252-1038

PCA Technology Solutions was founded in 1994 knowing the IT industry was lacking in companies devoted to the end user. On one end of the spectrum, mass market over-the-counter sales operations, where guidance and support stop at the sales counter, and on the other end, corporate consulting firms which ignore both smaller businesses and individuals.

In between is a river of need, and PCA Technology Solutions is here to provide the bridge. We combine knowledge, experience and a genuine care for the client providing a blueprint for success year after year. Our business model is built around the "Golden Rule" and every recommendation we make to you is one that we'd want made to us if the roles were reversed.  This blueprint has helped us to achieve multiple accolades including: "Best of Biz" since 2005 and Business of the Year Category I finalist on three different occasions.

 Visit our website and feel free to CONTACT us to let us know how we can best help you!

Ted Clouser  -  501.907.4722

Retriever Merchant Services, part of National Processing Company (NPC), provides customized payment programs for all types of financial institutions. Together we can evaluate your resources to build a program dedicated to meet your needs. You will receive dedicated sales representatives and a relationship manager to assist you in attracting new customers, retaining existing customers and working to increase your institution’s profitability. Our complete offering can include sales, customer service, terminal help-desk support, equipment deployment and training allowing your team to focus on core banking products and service. Our programs are designed as zero risk, turnkey solutions that allow you to provide quality payment processing to your customers.

Dana Nordwall  –  901-271-6641

Sawyers & Jacobs LLC helps banks in four major areas: innovation, risk management, cybersecurity, and technology through our four brands:  RedTorch Consulting, RedTail Risk Management, RedWolf Cybersecurity, and RedCape Tech Support.  Our mission is to help our clients use technology securely, effectively, and profitably to better serve their customers, comply with laws and regulations, contain costs, and compete. We make banks better.  To learn more and review our full list of services, visit

Jason Corder, Senior Vice President  -  901-828-1942

Based in Little Rock, Smiley Technologies is a core provider for community banks that was founded in 2002 out of the need for better software and superior service. The company’s two founders are Elizabeth Glasbrenner and Vance Smiley; their father, Walter Smiley, founded Systematics, the pioneer of outsourced data processing for banks.

Our core banking platform is a vertically integrated solution with most banking functions in one system allowing better access to information you need. Add our high-touch customer service and continuous innovation, our team understands core banking and how to provide value to community banks

We have a number of Arkansas community banks on our platform and look forward to meeting more Arkansas community banks.

Ben France 501-413-2874

The SouthState Bank Correspondent Division employs over eighty-five dedicated  correspondent banking professionals.  The Team manages over 600 relationships in 43 states.

In addition to the Bank’s main office in Winter Haven, Florida, Correspondent offices are located in Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Nashville, TN; San Francisco, CA; and Winston-Salem, NC.  Additional Business Development offices are located in Dallas, TX; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; New York, NY; and Tampa, FL.

With a dynamic and rapidly changing banking environment, and as a fellow Community Bank facing many of the same opportunities and challenges, our commitment remains focused on providing innovative Correspondent products delivered with world-class service, including:  Capital Markets Services; Payment Solutions; Commercial Banking Services; International Services.

Shawn Gillis 205.335.1955

UFS was founded by community banks for community banks, and our charter requires us to be owned by community bank customers. That unique perspective keeps us aligned as we provide purpose-built solutions to ensure community banks thrive. For most of our history, we grew though referral to supporting nearly 30% of our Wisconsin home state banks, and are now sharing our community with banks from Nebraska and Arkansas, to Minnesota and Illinois. Our customers look to us to provide reliable, accurate, and best of breed technology solutions that help them thrive. People are the heartbeat of our company, we’ve had minimal voluntary turnover in recent years, and we attract passionate people to our mission driven vocations. Our core support team has an average of 13 years of banking experience before joining the UFS team. Bankers serving bankers with passion. Does your technology partner do that?

Rick Bailey – Regional Business Development  - 314-322-2550

Do you know if your metes and bounds legal descriptions are correct? We know that 15-20% of them
are incorrect- leaving the bank with many problems.
Vizaline converts written property descriptions
into pictures using satellite images to help determine if a legal property description is correct. The
visualization tool, or "Viza-Audit", provides a rapid and inexpensive report to help lenders better understand their assets and protect portfolios and customers by making better decisions on the front end. Turnaround time is generally 48 hours. The legal property description is the foundation to the loan, and errors create troublesome risk exposure. Issues delay foreclosures, reduce market value of properties and expose properties to weather and vandalism. Vizaline has conducted more than 20,000 case audits for nearly 40 banks across eight states. Banks range in size from $100M-$8B in assets. Viza-Audit lets a banker know quickly if there is an issue requiring an attorney or a survey. Most significantly, Vizaline has not had a bank leave the program after they joined.

Brent Melton, CEO - 601-405-1802

Wallace Consulting Co., LLC (WCC) is dedicated to identifying and mitigating fair lending, CRA, and HMDA risks faced by banks of all sizes. With 22 years of compliance experience, including 19 as a bank regulator, Michael P. Wallace and WCC provide unparalleled regulatory insight and targeted best practices. Services include redlining analyses, comparative file reviews, CRA self-evaluations, community development reviews, HMDA transaction testing, and training for staff and the board of directors

Michael P. Wallace – 501-734-8054

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